For the 2nd consecutive and successful year we have the most advanced metal melting system, the Laser Sintering of Concept Laser and three-dimensional (3D) printer-scanner, the 3Shape D810
The 3shape Scanner is used for casts and impressions and has the most powerful design software in the world. It supports overlapping design, bridges, anatomic casts, inlays, onlays, porcelain veneers, abutment, bar and bridge implants, partial or temporary dentures, waxing, telescopic crowns and many others.
The Scanner-Laser Sintering combination produces excellent quality and morphology. For the construction of the frames the Laser uses the clinically certified metal construction powder Remanium CL of Dentarum, which consists of cobalt and chromium.
With the combination of CAD and Laser Sintering we can achieve:

  • Perfect frame fit without much interference of the dental technician
  • Excellent color rendition because of the uniform thickness of the porcelain
  • High strength, excellent quality of the internal structure of the frame alloy
  • Clean cast without pores
  • Frames with zero volts ,no solders and additional appointments

The problems of the traditional method of casting are now solved with digital technology in conjunction with the Laser Sintering. Essential for dentists who have oral Scanners.